The Miracle Thawboard from Robert Dyas will revolutionise the way you defrost food. It is simply the most amazing piece of kit for the kitchen and once used you will be lost without it. The Miracle Thawboard is currently £12.99 with Robert Dyas, down from the original price of £14.99. It will speed up the defrosting time for all types of food, without any chemicals or need for a microwave, as it uses natural heat energy from the air. The board is made from an aluminium tray that is super conductive and absorbs the airs natural heat energy that will speed up the defrosting process.

This amazing offer from Robert Dyas will definitely the way you defrost food in the future, it can be used time after time and requires normal cleaning. It comes with non-slip silicone, making sure it stays in place, even on wet surfaces. It measures around the same size of a normal chopping bored, with the dimensions being: H29.5 x W20.6 D 1cm, making it easy to store. Since this fabulous Thawboard has been on the market it has earned fantastic reviews from people who have bought and used one. Most of them couldn’t believe it would work and were completely surprised when it defrosted most foods in no time at all.

The Miracle Thawboard from Robert Dyas will make the perfect gift for any occasion, but don’t forget to order one for yourself at the same time. Robert Dyas also has a number of other money saving special offers on at the moment on revolutionary items for around the home. Click the link below today to see all of their deals and to place your order. There are different delivery options to choose from, including 3-5 standard delivery, next working day and Saturday delivery. Plus there is the option to place your order online and collect at your local store, this option is FREE of charge.

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