The Nursery – Save Cash With Our Tips

The Nursery So the news you are going to be a Mummy or Daddy is slowly sinking in and now’s the time to start planning for the new arrival.  If you don’t feel ready to start decorating then why not just start planning the baby’s space and working out costs.  You need to face facts.. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Plants and Flowers – Tips and Advice

Summer Plants and Flowers Some years you may be forgiven for thinking Summer is over before it’s begun, but summer sun might make another appearance and the best place to enjoy the Summer weather is in the back garden, where you can do what you want, with the kiddies running around having fun, and hubby.. Read the rest of this entry »

BBQ Money Saving Ideas and Tips

The BBQ When Summer arrives it’s worth making the most of being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.  Summer is the ideal time to dust off the BBQ and start enjoying the taste of burnt sausages and burgers again! No matter whether you are catering for your immediate family or have invited a number of.. Read the rest of this entry »

Fathers Day

Soon after Mother’s Day and Easter there is another special day on the calendar to celebrate.  Father’s Day in June gives you the opportunity to say thanks to Dad by dedicating one day to him.  Unlike all the other special dates this one can prove easier as most Dads don’t expect much – some are.. Read the rest of this entry »

How to use Tyre Shopper Promotional Codes

At Discountandcodes.co.uk we know it can sometimes be difficult to activate your discount or promotional codes and Tyre Shopper seems to be one of the hardest places to find the “Add Promotional Code” box. Follow the instructions below and you will find it easier to use your codes:  Using your Tyre Shopper Promotional Code 1… Read the rest of this entry »

Having a Baby – Making Savings & Info

This article was written by my wife a month ago, she’s just given birth to our second child and in hospital as i make a few adjustments to this post. Please feel free to make comments at the base of the page if you feel we’ve made mistakes or you feel you can add advice.. Read the rest of this entry »

Fuel Prices

Petrol and Diesel Prices Reach a Record High Over the past couple of years we have seen petrol and diesel costs increase dramatically and prices are predicted to reach record highs this year.  This is due to a number of factors including the increased cost of crude due to continuing tensions in the Middle East.. Read the rest of this entry »

Easter Holidays

Easter No sooner do we get over the expense of Christmas that Easter is upon us.   Most adults see Easter as a weekend of DIY, to sort out the garden ready for the spring bulbs, or simply for spending time with family and friends.   If you have children you might find the Easter break.. Read the rest of this entry »

Travel Insurance – Holiday Insurance

Holiday Insurance If you are thinking of going away this year then don’t forget your holiday insurance.  Whilst there is a very good chance you won’t need it there are unforeseen exceptions and you don’t want to be abroad and find yourself in need of medical help, arriving without your luggage, or the victim of a.. Read the rest of this entry »

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards Retailers are continuously inventing ways to entice customers to spend money and one of the best ways is to offer some form of loyalty scheme,  many via a loyalty card, where you earn points which can be converted to money or vouchers, each time you spend. How do they work? Each time you.. Read the rest of this entry »

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