ScottsofStow 66msNeed constant boiling water all day long? Well now you have exactly that at a fraction of the cost of boiling a kettle. The 680W Perma-Therm Thermo Pot from Nester® Electronics is now in 40,000 UK homes and has an average 5 star customer review. Save as much as 68% on your energy when you use this fabulous kettle replacement.

The Perma-Therm has 5 temperature settings to choose from ranging from 40°C to 98°C, it has a 3.5 litre capacity which is sufficient for as many 12 cups or 10 mugs. Find out more about the fabulous savings available today at, or simply click the offer bar below. The Perma-Therm is a not only great value for money, it’s also a stylish addition to any kitchen with a stainless steel thermal casing that never gets too hot to touch. Find out more today and grab a bargain online at Scotts of Stow.

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