tm_ts18 has the stunning Peony Collection for just £9.99 for 3 bare rooted plants. Each of these wonderful collections includes one of the 3 beautiful varieties that look amazing on their own or planted together. The varieties from this amazing offer from include:

The Shirley Temple – burst into bloom towards the end of the season, with little red buds bursting open to produce glorious pale pink blooms that slowly turn white over time. The two toned appearance not only looks good but smells amazing at the same time.

The Karl Rosenfield – offers stunning magenta double ruffled blooms in the early summer. They look simply gorgeous and add a touch of drama to any flower beds or borders. Each of these wonderful flowers offer the most beautiful fragrance, making them a delight to have.

The Sarah Bernhardt – one of the more common peony’s that offers beautiful double flowers that can reach to around 20cm. They are one of the largest varieties and complements all of the other varieties. This beautiful variety bursts into flower during the early part of the summer.

All of these stunning plants will definitely take pride of place in your garden or outside living area this year and for many years to come. They offer beautiful displays when in full bloom and will be a delight to see every year and are very low maintenance. Each will grow back bigger and stronger time and time again.  Peonies will grow pretty much anywhere, they will bring glorious colour and fragrance to flower beds and borders along with patio pots and containers. is also offering fabulous deals on the beautiful, metallic effect patio pots with matching saucers, 3 patio pots costs just £19.99, giving a fabulous saving of just under £10.

Do not miss out on this amazing offer for the stunning Peony Collection, click on the link today to place your order today. Delivery will be over the coming weeks.

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