has a fabulous offer on at the moment for the Complete Patio Potato Growing Kit and is perfect those who love to grow their own fruit and vegetables. There is nothing better than the taste and satisfaction knowing your produce has been grown in your garden or outside living area. You don’t need much space for these potato planters, as they are small enough to have on your patio or even a balcony. This fantastic offer from rdx247 will save you 50% on the Complete Patio Potato Growing Kit, which is now just £14.99 or there is a £5 saving on the Patio Potato ‘Grow-Pod’ Kit, now just £9.99. Both of these kits will produce an abundance of potatoes of whatever type of potatoes takes your fancy and the Grow-Pods can be reused time after time. Dependent on the varieties you could be harvesting for 5 months in succession throughout the year, usually from April to August.

The Complete Patio Growing Kit is all you need to grow your own crop of potatoes. It comes with 18 Turbo Potato Tubers, 6 of each of the 3 fabulous well known varieties. These include:

  • ‘Swift’ – these are early and fast croppers, usually ready for harvesting within 10 weeks of planting. They will produce an abundance of potatoes that are soft and delicious.
  • ‘Desiree’ – there will be the main crop of potatoes and are a very versatile potato, they can be mashed, boiled or baked. Offering a beautiful red skin along with yellow flesh make them the perfect all-rounder.
  • ‘Charlotte’ – these wonderful potatoes are an all-time favourite and perfect for salads or as new potatoes to accompany summer dishes.

The kit also includes 3 large, heavy duty pots to plant the Turbo Potato Tubers in along with 1kg of Organic Potato Fertiliser.

The Patio Potato ‘Grow-Pod’ Kit is just £9.99 and includes, 18 Turbo Potato Tubers, the same as the Tubers included in the Complete Patio Growing Kit. It also includes 3 reusable ‘Grow-Pods to grow the potatoes in. These are slightly smaller and most probably more ideal for smaller outside living spaces.

These is also the option to purchase additional seed potatoes, there are two fabulous varieties to choose from:

  • Albert Bartlett ‘Purple Majesty’ – these unique potatoes will definitely add a wow factor to any meal time. The beautiful purple skinned and purple fleshed potato is very versatile. A 2kg bag costs just £7.99.
  • King Edward – a firm traditional favourite and can be used for any type of potato dish, they can be chipped, mashed, roasted, and boiled. A 2.5kg bag of seed potatoes costs just £5.99.

This amazing offer from really is great value for money and will save 50% on the Complete Patio Potato Growing Kit or £5 on the ‘Grow-Pod’. Make sure you click on the link today to place your order, Delivery will be over the coming weeks.

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