With the countdown to Christmas and money getting tighter you might not want to do fireworks this year but here we have a few hints and tips on how to have fun this year without breaking the bank.

Organised Firework Displays

An organised firework display is usually the best place to see so many fireworks and a fun afternoon and evening with all the family however they might not be as cost effective as you might initially think. The cost of entry is usually between £5-£10 each maybe a little less for the children and then the cost of the food stalls and fairground kind of rides etc. Taking this into account there are ways to get round these charges. Firstly most places will let you buy tickets in advance that are usually cheaper than on the day, however pre buying your tickets does have its downfalls as most public displays will take place regardless of the weather unless its dangerous so you won’t get your money back unless it’s formally cancelled. Instead of eating whilst you are there why start the evening early and have a BBQ before you go, alternatively wait until you get home.  Another way to save is to buy your own sparklers for either before or after the display, some organised places might not let you take them in. Walking to an event is a must, most places don’t have enough parking to cope with the amount of people who will attend, if you are fortunate to get a space you will most probably pay the earth for it.

Fireworks at Home

Only consider this option if your garden is big enough to cope and not covered with trees and bushes. Whilst fireworks are designed to go straight up there are some that have minds of their own so the last thing you need to worry about is setting fire to your garden or even worse your neighbours garden! Buying fireworks yourself can be expensive especially if you want big dramatic loud ones all the time but if you have a look round you are sure to find a section pack that will suit all the family. Only buy from reputable places as there are so many counterfeit fireworks not made with the right ingredients that could end up harming you or your part. Places such as Tesco and Asda, Morrisons have a great selection at good prices. Other places such as Wyevale and Sainsburys will also have a great selection, checkout our Sainsburys promotional code, you never know we may be given a deal on fireworks this year.  If you are having friends round why not ask everyone to bring some, that way you have a better selection that will last longer plus mean you won’t have to fork out too much. Make sure you have a few bucket of sand to use to light the fireworks and always handy to have your hose pipe close to hand. As long as the weather is good the best option is to have a BBQ and all you need is the basics with sausages, burgers and bun or a home made chili con carnie and rice or even good old jacket potatoes. You can do as much or as little as you like, you could even ask your friends to bring a little something along with them to help spread the cost.

Watching it from Home

If you live close enough to a public event or your neighbours or people living close by always have one then why not be cheeky and watch theirs from the comfort of your own home or garden. This is completely free, no hassle and best of all no clearing up is needed. If it rains you can watch them on TV or from inside the warm through the window. This option is best with little ones, as you know they are safe and no risk when the fireworks start.

Guy Fawkes night should be good fun but remember to be safe and sensible with any kind of fireworks. Fireworks not only burn you but could maim you or worse.  Never do fireworks when you have been drinking alcohol or let your children have a go and never return to a firework that has finished or failed to work.  As long as you are safe and sensible you are sure to have a good night. If you’re in any doubt always check the UK Fire Service website before you even think about lighting a firework.

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