When you sign up to a broadband company it is very easy to get complacent and just let the money come out of your account each month but are you getting the best deal?


With so many broadband companies around the competition is ferocious meaning a better deal for you, the consumer.  Most broadband companies want you to have landline phone and TV as part of your broadband package and will give you huge discounts to tempt you to sign up.

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Firstly, decide why you need broadband.  Is it for occasional internet browsing?  If so then the cheaper companies will suit you best.  If you work from home or the internet usage is business critical then unfortunately you do need to pay that little bit more for a better service.


Whilst you may think you are getting a good deal with the cheaper companies you need to take into account their customer support, as there will be a time when you need to contact them.  Most of the cheaper companies can offer low prices because their call centres are based outside of the UK where labour costs are lower. Whilst you won’t be paying for the overseas call you may find yourself spending more time on the phone due to language barriers or centre staff who don’t have adequate technical expertise – you will end up being passed from one person to another which is frustrating and does not help solve the initial problem.


Some internet companies make is nigh on impossible for you to speak to a human being in the UK wanting you to do everything online – not very helpful when you don’t have any internet access!  There is also a concern that some cheaper companies have too many customers leading to poor performance, slow download speeds at peak times, evenings and weekends, and poor customer service.  You get what you pay for, and paying a little more could lead to a better all round service.


Before signing up its worth taking a look at Broadband review sites and forums where you can get an idea of what customers think of a company’s services.  Take a look at the special offers available in the marketplace, but beware of lengthy contracts – whilst the service may be fine to begin with, if you start to experience problems and want to move elsewhere you may find it difficult or impossible to leave.


Again, think about your actual usage, compared with what the provider is offering you. Some deals offer unlimited downloads but there will always be a catch, so make sure you read the small print carefully.  If you get a download allowance each month try to stick to it – take care not to go over the limit as additional charges will begin to add up and start to cost you a fortune.


When you have decided on what you want and from which company you should be able to sit back and wait to be connected, if you are moving from one supplier to another, then your new provider will ask you to get a MAC code from your current provider and they will do the rest for you.


Overall having an Internet account should be pretty straightforward as long as you know what is included and what kind of support to expect.

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