This page is here to help explain what cookies are and how they are used. It is essential to understand how they can be controlled on a computer, so we have created some brief instructions on how they work and how to block and disable cookies.

In May 2011, the EC introduced the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation 2011 regulation requiring all website ask permission from the visitor for a cookie to be used.  At this present time, we are not able to meet this directive and are working to ensure we comply in the future.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are files which are stored on your computer, they contain a small text file which is placed on the hard drive of your computer. Think of a cookie as a piece of information that’s uniquely yours, it is used to notify a website when you’ve returned along with your browsing behaviour when you are on their website. Cookies can hold a large amount of information specific to a particular website and can carry information from one visit to the next.

Need to Block or Disable Cookies? Here’s How

If you don’t feel comfortable having cookies enabled it’s quite simple to disable them or clear them from your computer using your browser settings or privacy settings. To get full instructions on how to adjust your cookie settings visit Microsoft or Apple depending on your operating system. There is a simple way to block cookies from sites considered to be invasive which is by using software named “anti spyware” this will delete cookies from suspicious sites automatically.

How we use Cookies

At DiscountandCodes.co.uk we use software known as Google Analytics, this gives us important information about how users get to our site, how long they stay,  how many pages they visit plus a few other statistics. Google Analytics is a valuable tool to us as it helps us improve the usability of the site and helps make adjustments of settings making your visit more pleasurable.
Using our website doesn’t cost you, the customer, anything. However to enable us to continue giving you money saving discount codes we have to work closely with our suppliers.  We only work with trusted suppliers and earn a commission from them as and when we pass a customer their way. The cookies used for this give us no information about you, your purchases or any other personal information, it sole purpose is to track sales.
By using discountandcodes.co.uk, you are  agreeing to the full terms stated in our Privacy Policy and to our processing of personal information for the purposes given in this page.


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