Soon after Mother’s Day and Easter there is another special day on the calendar to celebrate.  Father’s Day in June gives you the opportunity to say thanks to Dad by dedicating one day to him.  Unlike all the other special dates this one can prove easier as most Dads don’t expect much – some are happy with a card and a 6 pack (that’s beer, as I doubt many of you will ever see the 6 pack stomach!) 

However, if you would like to treat Dad there are plenty of ideas around and you don’t need to break the bank! Father’s Day doesn’t have to be just for biological fathers as there could be a special step dad or other person in your life who has been more of a father figure then your biological one.

Don’t be afraid to say thank you to them as they are just as special and would be overwhelmed to know how you feel about them.

Here we have a selection of the best ideas, which won’t break the bank, to say thank you!



If your Dad has a hobby or is keen on sport, then that’s a place to start. If he’s a golfer then some golf balls are always a safe option, as he’ll always be losing some!   If he’s into fishing then get him some small bits of equipment, flies, floats, reels etc., for him to fiddle with whilst sitting for hours on the side of a river.

If your Dad still plays football then how about some socks, shin pads or a ball for you both to kick around. No matter what they are into there are plenty of ideas for a present that don’t cost much.



The best way to the old man’s heart is often a home cooked meal.   Why not treat him to a lovely Sunday roast to celebrate his special day? For some, this is the perfect gift and to know you have put time and effort into the shopping and cooking will mean even more, just don’t ask him to help with the washing up!


If your Dad is into gadgets then why not look at getting something from one of the various websites that have perfect gift ideas for the gadget man – there is always plenty of choice from the inexpensive to gizmos costing a fortune!

Beer and Wines 

Just like a meal, an alcoholic beverage could be the way to your Dad’s heart and again this is something that doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Most supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Morrisons, will have some great deals on beers, wines and spirits in the run up to Father’s Day, so why not treat him to an extra special bottle of wine that has been reduced, as I’d bet you anything he wouldn’t normally buy something like that at full price.  Beers, lagers and ciders are also a good buy if that is his preferred tipple!


If your Dad is a keen gardener then there are plenty of little things that are always handy to have.  Wyevale, B&Q, Homebase, Blooms and many more garden centres have a fantastic array of everything you could possibly need for the garden.  From tools and gadgets to seeds, plants and containers.  Have a wander round to get some ideas and if you are still unsure ask a member of staff for help – they will have plenty of suggestions!  Failing that, many of these centres do vouchers meaning he can choose exactly what he needs, when – I know my father visits his local garden centre at least once a fortnight!



If you aren’t able to see you Dad this year on Father’s Day then consider sending him a gift voucher instead.  You can spend as little or as much as you like knowing he will can spend it on something he actually wants.

Most retailers offer gift cards or vouchers, so you will be able to find an outlet that will suit your Dad. How about a voucher from WHSmiths where he can get a new book or favourite magazine, or M&S where he can get some socks or handkerchiefs or put it towards something more expensive.

There are so many retailers offering gift vouchers you are sure to find something you Dad is interested in.  Some people consider vouchers an easy option for those who have little or no imagination, but if your Dad is someone who has everything and buying for him is always difficult, then a voucher or gift card enables him to get something he really wants.



If you have young children why not get them to hand make Dad’s card, this will be a present in itself as he will really appreciate the time and effort put in to making it extra special.  The children will enjoy making something for their Daddy so it’s “win win” for everyone involved!

Father’s Day does not have to cost the earth – a big hug and thank you might be all that’s needed, but if you want to get him a little something remember it doesn’t have to be expensive, Dad’s are very easy to please!

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