BT used to have the monopoly on landline phones – not any more!  Nowadays there are numerous companies that offer special rates for phone and line rental, as well as deals on Broadband and in some cases TV packages.  For example, both Virgin and Sky have the best TV packages available, one being cable and the other requiring a satellite dish attached to your house.  Both are able to offer fantastic deals on TV and broadband packages with further discounts available if you sign up to their call plans and line rental.  Not only does this give you a one stop shop for all your media requirements it means one bill and one company to deal with if something goes wrong.  There are other companies offering call plans and line rental so it’s worth looking around and doing your research.


Most standard call plans give you free evening and weekend calls with some offering a small additional charge to include 08 numbers along with preferential rates for overseas calls, the line rental often being a small additional charge.  There are companies who offer great prices on international calls meaning keeping in touch with family and friends is easier and cost effective, companies such as First Number and Briing.


Better still take a look at online services such as Skype and MSN who offer free online chats and if you use a webcam you can feel even closer to loved ones overseas.  The majority of these services are free of charge and all you need is a working PC with an internet connection and headset, speakers and/or webcam.  Think about the time of day you are making your calls, could the call wait until after a certain time of the day? Find out what your mobile phone call plan can offer, do you get free inclusive calls, if so use these.


Where possible, before using your landline look at the time of day, and day of the week you are making the call, can the call wait until the evening or weekend when the call may be free? Take a look at what is available and try to bundle all of your media and communication requirements together.


Not only will this make life easier with only one bill and one point of contact but it will also work out to be the cheaper. Most money saving ideas come from looking at how you use your landline phone – by just tweaking your usage you could find yourself saving money with very little effort!

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