It seems every bill is increasing at the moment and here we have a few helpful tips on how to try to save money on your household bills.   Starting with utilities such as gas and electric, checkout price comparison sites to see who is offering you the best deal.


Companies are frequently increasing their prices so check out their fixed deals to see if this will help give you peace of mind over the coming months.  There are some great deals out there with companies offering fixed deals for the next 2 winters!!  Most companies offer you a duel fuel discount along with paper-free discount where you manage your accounts online and pay by Direct Debit.


Tips within the home – make sure all your radiators have thermostats fitted so each room is heated to the required temperature.  Turn a radiator down or off if the room is not used daily. Keep interior doors closed to stop heat escaping into hallways and onto landings.   Draw the curtains as soon as it starts turning dark, you will not believe the amount of heat that escapes through windows!


Make sure your insulation is up to required levels – if you are unsure, then check the local government incentives as most companies are currently being sponsored to get as many households properly insulated meaning you only pay a minimal amount towards the full cost.


Look at how many lights and plugs are left on indoors but not used.  Saving electricity starts with simple things like turning a light off when you walk out of the room, turning appliances off instead of leaving them on standby.  Not only will this reduce costs it will also preserve the life of the product.


Do you have two different rates for your electricity? If yes, then you will most probably find the cheaper rate during the early hours of the morning.   Why not set appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine on a timer or delay switch so they only come on when the electricity rate is cheaper.  Tumble dryers can eat electricity and can become very expensive, if you have a garden then why not put up a washing line and hang your clothes out on fine days, even when its not that warm out clothes will still dry!  Hanging clothes out to dry not only saves electric but also reduces the amount of ironing required and laundry smells nice and fresh – you really can’t beat the smell and feel of bed sheets that have been dried outside!


Many households now have water meters, so be creative in conserving your water usage.  Simple things like doing a small flush on the loo when you can, turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth, fill the bath half full or take a shower – these small changes really reduce the amount of water you use.


Make sure your wash load is full instead of washing a few items at a time.  Always use the Eco program where available as it reduces the amount of water and electric used.


When watering your garden, use a watering can instead of a hose as not only will you save on the amount of water you use, you will give yourself a little work out with all the carrying and walking.  Buy a water butt, or leave the watering can exposed to the elements so that it fills with rain water and use this on your garden.


What other household/monthly bills do you get where you could make savings?


Do you pay for a gym membership, do you use it enough to justify the monthly subscription or would you be better off using a Pay As You Go gym? What do you do at the gym?  If running is your thing, why not go for a run in your local area? Or invest in a bike and go for a cycle ride instead?


Why not take a look at your monthly expenditure, as I am sure there are ways you can save money from walking to the shops or doing the school run on foot instead of driving, using your phone when it’s the cheaper rate. Set yourself a target, whether its something you are saving up for or simply to save money, with a bit of consideration and commitment it won’t take long to start seeing the benefits.

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