Big four supermarkets It’s not just household bills that have soared over the past few months, the cost of food shopping has also increased dramatically.  To help you save money when you go shopping look at where you do your normal shop, if it is the higher end of the scale then why not try one of the cheaper supermarkets as you might be surprised to find you are getting the same kind of quality for less money.


Planning your shopping trip is vital, so why no plan your weekly meals before you shop and have a good look in the cupboards, fridge and freezer, making a list of everything you need and then stick to it!  Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry – you’ll be tempted to buy more of the things you don’t actually need.  Look at all the special offers but be careful you don’t get fooled into thinking you are getting a bargain when you are not.


Many supermarkets now show a price per kg, or litre on the shelf strip label – this is usually in small print, but it helps make a comparison and find out which product size is best value for money.  Some offers make you think you are saving but sometimes a product goes off before you get to use it all.


Instead of looking at the branded food why not try the store’s own brand, as you might be pleasantly surprised!  Some of the value ranges are very good, and many are made by some of the leading manufacturers of branded goods.  Buy food that can go in the freezer, not only does this save you from throwing food out but will give you more variety without having to go to the shops.


A good shopping tip is to shop online as you only put what you need in your basket and you won’t get distracted as you walk down the aisles!  Personally I like to get something back from my local supermarket so look at what they offer you in the way of loyalty rewards which could result in getting money back plus money off vouchers and special deals.


Have a look at the reduced item shelf – most of the time there isn’t anything wrong with the food apart from the approaching “sell by/use by date”.  Make the most of the reduced price and if appropriate, stick it in the freezer when you get home.  Shopping needn’t be a chore – plan carefully in advance, write a list and only buy what’s on it!

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