No sooner do we start recovering from Christmas and the commercial expense of Valentine’s Day than we have another day to celebrate.

However, this one is different and not one to be ignored, as it’s to celebrate the lady who brought you into the world.  The special lady who cared and nurtured you through the night in your early days and the times you were sick.


Mother’s Day is a chance for you to treat your Mum like a queen for the day and do everything for her instead of the other way around.  Obviously, there are exceptional cases to the above and I know some are not as lucky as others but it doesn’t have to be your birth mother if you have someone else who you feel closer to or who brought you up.


The cost of Mother’s Day is entirely up to you and doesn’t have to cost a fortune as most Mums are happy with something simple or hand made or even just a big hug if you aren’t a hugging person.  Here we have some simple ideas and suggestions to make your Mum feel that extra special on her day.


A card is a card at the end of the day.  What is important is what is says to the recipient.  So the time and effort you put in to choosing it is important.  If the children are young then why not make a card for Mummy.  It is a great chance for you to spend quality time with them and it’s a more personal touch for Mum.  If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then take a look online at companies like Moonpig or Photobox, and create a personalised card.  You can make it as fun or as soppy as you want and all for around the same price as a card bought from your local store.


Flowers are always a winner for every occasion but be careful as shops and suppliers will inflate their prices for Mother’s Day.


If flowers are your preferred choice then look around for the best kind of deal.  For something a little different look at what flowers you have in your back garden, as spring has sprung and it is a beautiful season with flowers coming into bloom with fragrant scents – making the effort to go out and pick them will be worth it, especially for young children.


There are plenty of companies who will deliver your flowers, making the present a little bit more special or you could add champagne, chocolates and teddies to the delivery.  The Interflora website has more information.


Just one word of warning: if you are picking flowers at your local store or from the garden centre make sure the flower heads are all intact and that they don’t look as if they will die within the next couple of days.  The best flowers to buy are the ones that are about to bloom as they will last longer.



Like flowers, chocolates are always a winner, as the majority of Mums love the excuse to eat chocolates and they rarely treat themselves.  One suggestion is to put a bit of thought into it and not just buy a chunky block or whatever comes to hand close to the checkout tills.  Look at the different kind of indulgent selection boxes in outlets like Thorntons or Hotel Chocolat – they always have some lovely gift ideas and it shows you have put some thought into choosing them!



Over the years your Mum has probably cooked 1000’s of meals for you and on Mother’s Day it is a chance for her to sit back, relax and be looked after.


Mothering Sunday is one of the busiest days for restaurants and pubs so you will need to plan ahead.  If you are looking to take your Mum out for lunch, try to book her favourite restaurant as an extra special treat.


If you have siblings then why not all go out together that way you can split the bill so it won’t be so expensive.

Alternatively, why don’t you treat your Mum to a home cooked Mother’s Day meal, as this will most probably mean more to her than anything else, especially if you are not known for your culinary skills!


Personlised Gifts

Personalise your Mother’s Day gift and earn extra brownie points at the same time.  If she has a favourite photo of you get it framed or put onto a canvas, just be careful you don’t get too vain as she might not want a life size photo of you hanging on her wall!


Companies such as Photobox will help you get your favourite images onto plates, mugs, key rings, t-shirts, mouse mats and many more items.  If you have other siblings why not look at getting some photos of you all, or even give your Mum the present of a family photo shoot.


Everyone knows a budding photographer so you could ask one of your friends to help take the picture, alternatively you could look around at local studios as they often have special offers and you could spilt the cost between you and your siblings.



Whilst diamonds are “a girl’s best friend”, it might be a bit odd buying one for your Mum.  Instead, why not look at alternatives like a simple gold or silver bracelet or necklace or even a simple piece of costume jewellery from a High Street store.   Have a look at little boutique’s that sell individual pieces that don’t cost a fortune. M&S, John Lewis and Next all have a great selection of costume jewellery at fabulous prices.



If you are stuck for what to buy or you have to post your Mother’s Day present then why not look at vouchers.  Whilst many think vouchers are a cop out most Mums will be very happy with them.  A Mother’s Day present shouldn’t be expensive or over the top so a simple voucher could be the ideal present, this way she can put it towards something she really wants. The majority of High Street stores do gift vouchers such as M&S, House of Fraser, John LewisSainsbury’s and Tesco have a huge selection of voucher  cards for various stores.

Just like on Valentine’s Day you can’t go wrong with a CD, DVD or DVD box set as a present as long as you know the person likes the music, film or a particular TV series!

From slushy chick flicks to the fabulous dramatisation of Downtown Abbey or even natural history programs such as Earth Flight, are winners.  Find out what she likes and see if you can get it in a box set or on DVD.  Have a look at Amazon, Play.com or even your local supermarket – ASDA, Morrisons and even Argos have great prices and selections to choose from. Every time she watches it she will think of you and that kind of thing is priceless!

If you come from a large family or have a bit of cash available then how about sending your Mum to the theatre for the evening to enjoy one of her favourite plays or shows.  You can either pay for the tickets yourself or split the cost between the family but please don’t just buy her a ticket make sure there is someone to go with her.  Depending on how much you want to spend you can get great prices at various different outlets for key shows in London but if you are looking at keeping it local then checkout your local press for special offers.  If you want to just contribute so she can choose what and where then why not look at Theatre vouchers from places like Theatre Tokens, Theatre Gift Vouchers or even WH Smith on the High Street. These work just like normal gift vouchers from M&S but you use them towards seeing a show.

How about taking your Mum on a pamper day to a local health spa or country house hotel.  You can join her!  It would be a great way to catch up on all her news.  You can have a massage, pedicure, manicure, all over a lovely glass of bubbly and a nice lunch.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and it is something just the two of you can do, and probably not something she would book herself!


No matter what you do on or for Mother’s Day try and make it as special as you can.   She is a very special lady – remember what you have put her through over the past years.  Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive – just spend within your budget and remember a huge hug and a ‘thank you Mum’ will most probably mean the world to her!

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