Privacy Policy

Discountandcodes.co.uk respect the privacy of all our users and feel it is important to let you know how your information is gathered and what we do with it.

At this point,  it is important for you to understand that none of your information is passed onto third parties.  All information about our users is kept private and at no point will this change.

Site Visits

When visiting a website data is gathered, including:
·      IP Address
·      Browser, including the version
·      What operating system you are using
·      The time and date you visited the site

All this information is stored in a database or log file on the visited website.  None of this information can be used to identify individual users.

We only use this information for:
·      Research and future marketing development
·      Website and system administration
·      User analysis, anonymous of course.
Use of Cookies
When you visit our website, a cookie is automatically deployed on your computer, as long as you have not blocked all cookies.  A cookie only lasts on your computer for 30 days before being automatically deleted. During this time, we are able to track certain statistics.

To some, cookies sound like something bad. However, most aren’t and trying to restrict them may cause performance issues when visiting some websites.

On 27th May 2011, the EC introduced a new Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation 2011 directive. This requires all website owners to gain approval from the visitor before the cookie is deployed.

Unfortunately, at this present time, we are unable to meet this requirement.  We are working on developing our site to that will allow us to comply in the future and will update our site once in place.

Full information of the use of cookies and how to block them are detailed on our Cookies page on our homepage, alternatively click here.To contact us by mail please use the address below:

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