If you’re a bit of an 80?s man you will probably remember the good old Game Boy and Donkey Kong hand held machines, and the classic, never to be forgotten Pac Man and Space Invaders.

As technology has advanced, Playstation and Xbox have taken the market by storm.

Although replicas of the old games are available on the latest entertainment systems you just can’t beat having the original consoles in your hand.

But, fear not, all the golden oldie games are available and for less than you probably think.

An original GameBoy sells for around £35 on ebay.

A MegaDive is going to set you back around £30 on ebay.

An Atari 2600, the ultimate retro machine, can be snapped up, in good condition, for as little as £40.

Follow this link and place a bid, These systems can only increase in  value as they’re unlikely to be manufactured again.




Anyone remember the Panasonic 3DO? This was a brilliant console which was built in 1993/1994, it really was ahead of the times but the astronomically high price tag put it out of most peoples reach also and the lack of games and support from 3rd parties showed us the end of the 3DO. The 3DO system was eventually discontinued at the later part of 1996.

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