Making every penny count is very important nowadays.  The cost of Gas, Electricity, food and other everyday essentials are on the increase.  Getting your children ready to go back to school can be a difficult time for everyone, not only the nerves and anticipation from the children, but the cost of the uniforms, books and writing materials.


Visit your local superstores and stationery outlets to see if there are any special deals available on school essentials.   Supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda, as well as high street stores including BHS and M&S usually have great offers on children’s clothing in the run up to the start of the new term.  Many of the basic school wear items are now made in fabrics which are more durable and stain resistant, making them great value for money.


Don’t buy trousers or skirts that are just the right length, why not buy the next size, giving room for growth, turn up the hems to ensure they fit properly now, and let them down at the end of the school year ready for the next term, or sooner if your child has had a growth spurt!

Do not feel obliged to stick to the store the school recommends for the basic items like shirts, skirts, trousers and gym kit.  These recommended outlets tend to be more expensive.  Only use these stores to get specifics such as ties, blazers, school jumpers or cardigans, where they have to be a certain colour/pattern or bear the school logo.  Shoes can be expensive but it is worth paying a little more to get the right fit, both in length and width.  Properly fitted shoes are likely to wear better, last longer and will protect your child’s feet whilst they are still growing.  Try Cloggs discount code for extra savings.

If you need to buy specific books try 2nd hand websites little Ebay and Preloved.  The books may not be in pristine condition but they will be a lot cheaper than buying new and if your child takes care of them you may be able to sell them on when they’ve finished with them.

You can get pens and stationary from a number of High Street shops, superstores and specialist stationery outlets, where most sell multipacks making them better value for money.

Resist getting items branded with your child’s favourite character, TV program or pop group/singer as these are only fads and you can guarantee that before the school year is out something new will be their favourite to become “cool”.

Hopefully some of these hints and tips will help in the buying decisions and save you money in the long run.

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