The Seasons

As each season draws to an end your current wardrobe might not be suitable for the coming months.  Moving from Winter to Spring can be a bit tricky as some days it might be warmer than others.  If you dress in layers you should be able to be comfortable during the day and night.

However, if you are no longer wearing your jumpers, it might be time to pack them away, along with snow boots and winter coats for six months. This will give you space in your wardrobe for your Spring/Summer outfits.

If you are organised you will already have a stock of the next season’s clothes tucked away in the loft, under the bed, or at the back of the wardrobe.   Get them out and giving them a wash to freshen them up – this will make you feel like you have a new wardrobe without spending a penny.

Many Summer clothes can be worn in Spring by adding a cardigan or lightweight sweater, and this will also work as you move from Summer to early Autumn.

The main tip is to get clothes you can wear in layers so if it’s a nice hot sunny day you could wear a little short sleeved top or vest, and top it off with a lovely cardigan as the temperature drops.


Where to shop

If you do need some new clothes and you are shopping on a budget why not look at the supermarkets as they now sell own brand ranges like George at ASDA, F&F at Tesco and TU at Sainsbury’s.

Remember to visit the sales over the coming months as stores begin to offer discounts on items as they make room for the new season ranges.  By buying classic pieces in conservative colours during the Winter sale, as the shops prepare to stock their Spring ranges, you will have new items ready to wear next Winter.  By doing this each time the stores hold their seasonal sales, you will save money on basic items and keep your wardrobe fresh.

If you plan ahead and don’t forget what you have already bought, you could find yourself with some exciting pieces perfect for the next year.  Always buy clothes that fit you, don’t make the mistake millions of people make by buying something in a smaller size thinking you will diet into it as the chances are you won’t and all you will end up with is a wardrobe of clothes you can’t wear!

Online Auction Sites

At the beginning of the season you will find eBay a good source for getting items for your new season wardrobe.  There are always clothes for sale and it is a perfect time for you to grab a little bargain or two.

If you need to make room in your wardrobe for your new purchases, then have a good clear out.  Anything you have not worn for a full twelve months, thereby covering all the seasons, should be discarded.  Either sell items online, take them to a second hand stop for resale or donate to a charity shop.

Charity Shops

You can also discover the odd bargain, or unusual piece of clothing in your local charity shop.  These shops often have great vintage classic pieces, and some of the shops have designer pieces hidden among the rails.  You will have to be prepared to hunt through, but it can be worth it.

Charity shops have changed over the years and with people of all ages donating unwanted clothes you could definitely bag yourself a bargain of a new outfit.  Some friends have a wardrobe clear out evening where they all get together over pizza and a few bottles of wine and go through the stuff they want to get rid of, perfect if you are the same size as your friends – even better if you are the same size as the friend who likes her designer labels.

Any left over clothes are then taken to the local charity shop.  Buying new clothes doesn’t have to be expensive especially with the bargain shops coming onto the High Street, such as TK Maxx, Primark, Matalan together with outlet shops parks, such as Bicester Village and Freeport where retailers sell seconds or last season’s ranges at a fraction of the price.

Catalogues and Credit Cards

Catalogues seem to give the impression they are the best way to shop but be careful, as although paying weekly sounds easy and cheap, the monthly bill will soon mount up, and you may start to find it difficult to meet the payments from your monthly salary, then if interest charges are imposed and costs will get out of control.


Always check the interest rates you could be liable for as some are very high and if you only pay off the minimum amount each month you won’t be reducing the overall bill at.


The same applies to buying items on a credit card or store card – the interest rates are high, and unless you are paying off the full balance each month, the debt owed will become unmanageable very quickly.


Credit Card and Store Card companies make it easy and attractive for you to sign up for these schemes, but the hidden costs can be frightening.


I once got turned down for a store card as I didn’t have any outstanding debt.  I didn’t have an overdraft or credit card so I wasn’t the kind of customer they were looking for as I wasn’t a big enough spender. The chain is no longer on the High Street so I wonder if their strategy at selecting customers had been different they might have survived.


I did find myself in trouble having 2 catalogues and 3 store cards to pay off each month, it was a real struggle and took a long time but I managed to pay them all off and have never used a catalogue or store card since.


Buying clothes should be good fun but be careful on how you pay for them – no outfit is worth getting into debt for!


Written By: Jacqueline Cox

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